is betspawn com legit?

Is legit? Esports Match Betting Focused Sportsbook

is betspawn com legit? is a match betting bookie focusing mainly on eSports. They have a huge variety of eSports available for betting including the top brands like CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends but also much smaller games like Vainglory, Street Fighter V or just very popular games with a very undeveloped scene like FIFA, WoW or Smite. They have been around for roughly 1 – 2 years and have established a good reputation and a well-known product.

Betspawn is not actively accused of cheating or scamming users and there are neither any indications that they are doing so. They have a simple, yet great looking template and there is nothing that “stinks” like a scam when visiting the website. The support system is unfortunately only open around 8 hours a day, this is most likely due to the fact that the guys running the business are from Sweden and so that is when it is possible for them or their staff to be online. The support is super effective while they are open so in case you have any problems feel free to ask them, I am sure they would be more than happy to help you.

Nothing looks worrying and the features are working well so it should be safe to say that is a safe place to bet your money, in terms of withdrawing them – you will as always be risking losing them when gambling.

It is important to note that many countries are banned from using this service. This includes some of the bigger nations such as USA and the UK but also smaller European and Asian countries. The entire list can be found on their website otherwise it will be shown when signing up from one of the banned countries. Using a VPN is a possibility, but it is not recommended as they might close your account if they find out you are doing so.

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betspawn com bonuses promocodes free skinsCurrently, they offer new customers a meme promotion on their first deposit. Every euro deposited up till a maximum of 133.7 euros will be doubled and that money can then be withdrawn after fulfilling the specified requirements. Comparing those musts to other websites, they are actually surprisingly good. It is only needed to bet 6 times the total amount credited to your balance and all bets above odds 1.4 counts towards this goal. This is a lot easier to perform than the usual wager x10 and only use 1.8 or high odds which is the most common criteria for withdrawing a first deposit bonus like this one.

The other promotion can be used for all customers, old as new and is basically a bonus system for betting on multiple matches at once. These so-called combo bets express, parlay or whatever you might know them as will be awarded with another few percent win amount if you add a lot of games to them. The highest bonus is 30 % and will only be given out for a bet with a minimum of 12 matches. You can head over to their Promotions section on the website and find the entire scheme for all respective bonus percentages and number of bets in one combo.


betspawn com fees commissions house edgeThe house edge is just around or maybe slightly above the common one. They take around 15 % of all bets placed as commission and this is done by giving out fixed odds to guarantee profit for the owners. There are no other fees besides possible transaction fees depending on your payment method.


esports match betting lol dota csgo

There is a bunch of features coming along with, one of them being the insane amount of games to place money on. Even the most passionate gamer most likely has not had the time to play all the game titles available and there is no doubt something for every taste.

They host both bets for entire tournaments as well as live ones. The tournament bets are pretty-self-explanatory and live are found in many forms. It could be how many kills will happen in a certain round of Counter Strike GO or maybe who will get the next Baron Nashor when clashing it out on Summoners Rift in LoL.

They randomly host certain competitions, often as a teaser to big events like CS:GO Majors or such. These competitions will award players who guess a certain amount of outcomes correctly, this is for free and a service to all real players.


betspawn com pros cons

– Support system very effective
– Nice bonus system
– Many games
– Good looking template
– Reputable bookie
– Many countries are banned from using the service
– Support is only opened in a rather limited time gap daily

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