is arcanebet com legit?

Is legit? Licensed Bookie With a Great Bonus!

is arcanebet com legit?

Arcanebet is an online eSports bookie and offers various bets on the most popular game titles such as League of Legends, Counter Strike GO, Dota 2, HearthStone and much more, they even support the mobile game Clash Royal which is increasing greatly in popularity. The company behind Arcanebet is Galaxy 88 Ltd and they have their match betting bookie license from the United Kingdom. A few redditors have claimed that the company has scammed its users in the past and you should, therefore, be aware of this when using their products but I have been unable to find any evidence to support this claim. Galaxy 88 Ltd seems like a legit company and since they have gotten their jurisdiction from UK and not some small country to hide from taxes and so on, they are looking quite promising.

Besides eSports they also offer bets on the more original sports like soccer, hockey, tennis and so on, these sports are usually better organized and there is therefore not as much fraud as with eSports. This means Arcanebet is most likely legit if you were not already convinced so.

Overall I believe it is the fact that they have an actual betting booking license from the United Kingdom as this is not something that everyone just gets. They are a real life legit company who profits by offering slightly lower odds and not through stealing their userbase’s money or faking bonuses.

The official Facebook and Twitter accounts are well followed with around 5.000 subscribers and tweets which is rather decent for a real cash match betting website, not the best neither the worst. There are not held any giveaways here as it is mostly just tweeting about current games from popular tournaments or random funny posts or discussions.

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arcanebet com bonuses promocodes free skinsThere is a bunch of bonuses to be collected when using and those are most likely either deposit bonuses or free bets in some way or another. Currently, they allow users to double their deposit by using the code 100ARCANE. First and foremost you will have to deposit between 10 and 100 euros and it has to be your first deposit on the platform. Bitcoins are not included in this bonus program so please keep this in mind if you are a Bitcoin user.

arcanebet com bonus promo code free money

After the bonus has been applied by entering the code when depositing in the blank “Code” field you will now have to complete the rules before the bonus is finally yours to withdraw. It is necessary to bet more than 5x your deposit + deposit bonus within 180 days to claim the extra coins.

What is interesting about this is the fact they do not state that bets must be of a certain risk for an example more than 1.8 or so. This means it should be fairly easy to do and it is in my opinion probably the best of the many “first deposit” programs given out by various betting platforms.


arcanebet com fees commissions house edgeThere is no any clear house edge but is it no lie that they profit by giving you lower odds than the actual risk of losing is. For a fifty-fifty game, it is clear to most people that the odds should be 2x for both picks however you will only get 1.85x your money back when using Arcanebet. While this is rather unfortunate, it is very common and something almost any legit company charges to maintain a good profit.


esports betting service match bettingThere are a lot of super great features. What first comes to mind is the very effective mobile supported version of the website which works absolutely amazing with your smartphone. This is a super great option for those who are mainly on the go and do not have a lot of time to sit at home with their computers. It looks great and the functionality is on top. It offers all the same information and options as the desktop version of the webpage just in a way so it is compatible with your phone since many designs aren’t.

The site offers 3 types of bets for eSports and many more when it comes to normal sports. We will mainly focus on the eSports section and CS:GO for the most part and for those games you can bet on 3 different categories; tournaments, single games and live bets. Live bets can be super great as you can often grab some nice odds on the favorites who might just be behind with a few rounds and therefore have better odds. It can be very profitable if done correctly but it requires you to have a decent understanding of the game so you will know when to make your choice and risk the money.

Tournament picks are very simple. The most popular tournaments of all eSports including LoL Worlds, Dota’s The International and CS:GO majors followed up by a lot of smaller events can be betted on. It is your job to pick the winner for that event and the odds are often way higher than singles. The odds are obviously so high since many things can go wrong even for the favorites. It is a nice way to bet if you want to support your favorite team and have some extra reasons to cheer for them for the rest of the tournament.

Singles are just bets on any game. They can be as simple as choosing the right team to win a match but they can often time also be handicaps or the outcome of certain scenarios like “Who will win the pistol round” or “Will Team A win if they have -4.5 rounds in disadvantage”. These handicaps offer a more varied betting experiences and can often be great fun to use, chances are you might find some really good odds compared to the risk of them losing.


arcanebet com pros consPros

–    Legit and licensed in the UK
–    Many esports betting options
–    100% compatible mobile version
–    Nice deposit bonus


–    Odds rather low

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