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What Is the Most Profitable CS:GO Skin Betting Game?

I know we all want to win whenever we gamble with our money or else we would not be gambling in the first place. We all want to have a positive return of investment. At least in my case, I do. Not all of us are able to go to physical casinos and I know most of us, who are invested in video games have a lot of expensive assets that are worth a lot of money and can be used to gamble. This is where skins and cash bets come in.

Today I will be talking about most of the popular ways of skin wagering and in the end of this article, we will be drawing conclusions on what the best way to gain profit with our assets. I will also be factoring in a lot of variables like time frames, odds and the most important of all, the initial capital of money in these games. Without further ado, let us delve into the world of CS:GO skins betting.

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First up on the block is the ever popular case opening service. A lot of people became rich with this method of CS:GO gambling. Why? It is because there are a lot of better drops on the cases that cost a lot of investment. If you get lucky and somehow manage to get that one specific rare item, it multiplies your funds by a lot.

Box openings though require a lot of initial capital to be even profitable in the long run. With expensive cases ranging from $50-100 just to get the expensive drops everyone wants, you need to have a sizable cash for depositing in here before you can hit your return of investment and start profiting.


The second one we will be talking about is the Roulette. This is by far one of the three most common ones that are offered in the whole CS:GO skin betting community. This is also one of the easiest to make a profit with as well. This works like a standard roulette in physical casinos where you only bet on the colors that show up. The odds distribution here is pretty easy since you wager on either Red or Black with 49.5% of it showing up every roll and with the Green tile showing up 1% of the time.

Betting on the higher odd tiles instantaneously doubles your wager while putting cash on the green tile is like hitting the jackpot by multiplying your bet by 14 times. This is by far one of the two most user friendly games and if you are very good at predicting the rolls on that will come out based on the previous rounds, you will always come out ahead. This is also one of the few instances as well where you do not need to have a huge amount of capital just to get an edge on other users.

Coin flip

The next on the block is somewhat the twin brother of the Roulette as it offers the same win percentages. It is the famous coin flip. This one is a pure 50/50 win-loss game since it factors out the 1% jackpot that the Green tile in Roulette offers. The coin flip is also offered as a one on one against another player where you put an equal bet in and hope the coin flips in your favor.

This is also easy to play and understand as the actual odds are depending on luck and there are no prediction skills involved in playing. If you are extremely lucky, you will be able to double your money right away. And one of the good things in the coin flip is that it does not need a huge amount of investment, so this along with Roulette are perfect for starters and beginners who are trying to make a profit on CS:GO betting games with a small amount of deposit on a long term basis.


The fourth one we are going to be looking at is Jackpot or Lottery. This differs from other standard games and is much more similar to case openings because there is just little skill involved in playing. All you need to play here is a sizable amount of investment and an incredible amount of luck to be able to win. The only skill required here is knowing when to stop adding money to the pot and let the luck handle the roll.

Basically how this works is, players put their bets on a pot and each guy is given a percentage to win the whole pot that is based on the amount of money put in. The higher amount you put in, the bigger your chance of winning everything. Most of it comes down to sheer luck when the roll finishes and it lands on your marker thus making you a winner.

This CS:GO skin gambling is only advisable as a long term profit generator if you already have a sizable bankroll you could put into and if you are not looking to double your money on every win. If you are ok winning little by little until you are able to hit your target, then this option is for you since you will be able to play with the odds better here by just out betting everyone and winning the pot every time.


The next one I will be discussing involves having prediction skill and also a sheer amount of luck. If you are a fan of playing hi-lo casinos, then Crash is the perfect solution for you. This game involves in predicting what the system will pull out after a set amount of time from placing bets. This works like a Bollinger band commonly used in stock exchanges and this is where prediction skills take place.

If you are able to check the previous graphs and establish a pattern, then you have a higher chance of winning the bet. The luck involved here is minimal since the algorithm sometimes cannot be predicted if it will spike up at the last second or drop down. This game does not require a huge amount of investment, but if you are very good at predicting things, you will be able to multiply your money right away and quickly as well.

Match Betting

The last one I will be talking about, and this is probably the granddaddy of the CS:GO skin gambling is the Match betting. Ever since the dawn of time, this has been the go to of the guys involved in CS:GO wagering. This action involves an insane amount of skill as you would need to do research with the teams that are playing against each other.

As with other games, a little luck is also involved but that does not go a long way in Match betting since making predictions based on the team you are choosing involves a lot of research and also knowledge on their professional records. Many people have become rich by playing this kind of game since sometimes, an unheard of the team but with very good players comes out of the blue and surprises everyone.

This usually fortunes the people who do a lot of research and they are rewarded with very good odds by wagering on the underdog. This option requires a medium to a large investment if you are planning to do a long term gambling and want to make some profit.


Now with all the most popular CS:GO betting games floating around, I have come to a conclusion. There is not one single game that is better than the other for long term profit as each one has its own pros and cons. The best thing you can do is mix it up and play according to your strengths. The most important advice I can give you though is to know when you are ahead and just stop and take your winnings.

That way, when you lose, you do not tilt since you are behind and keep playing more and more just to get back at the bets you lose thus sinking you lower until you are broke. One last thing, the most important aspect is to look for a legit CS:GO gambling site where you can actually win stuff and not get scammed. Check our reviews on the platforms and see how we rated them before plunging your money in.

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