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How to Choose the Best CS:GO Case Opening Site?

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The CS:GO gambling scene has grown a lot in the past years and today the number of sites is immense. With the insane amount of new case opening platforms comes a lot of fraud and scummy people trying to steal away innocent players’ skins. Many services are trying to scam you by shifting the odds in their favor, not paying out the skins won our not crediting your balance for a deposit made.

To avoid such scam we will explain some of the things to look out for, how to stay out of trouble and just generally finding out which service can provide you with the best possible experience. We will also discuss some of the aspects to look out for when checking out the various CS:GO case opening sites to determine which one will grant you the most fun and hopefully an enjoyable visit.

The article consists of multiple sections, each covering a specific topic that is important when choosing a cs:go unboxing platform.

In this article we will cover the following:
–    Design
–    Support
–    Odds
–    Activity
–    Reputation
–    Bonuses


The first thing to consider when rating a case opening service should be its design. Often you can already tell by its design whether or not this is a place for you to be. The best, most reputable and legit ones often have outdone themselves to create unique templates or at least a simple and smooth display. A lot can be determined by a services design and just by using your common sense a lot of time and tears can be saved.
When deciding whether you want to stay and give it a try or leave immediately there are a few questions that you can ask yourself:

  • Is the design a rip-off from a more popular one and therefore trying to mislead the customers?
  • Does it look really poor and not very well thought?
  • Is it proper English or some shady Google Translate copy paste?
  • Are there any other weird or straight up unfair conditions for playing?

Those questions will often be very useful and if you can say yes to just one of the above don’t bother wasting your time there, because so many other options are out there on offer.



Even the perfect service can mess up once in a while but only the best CS:GO case opening sites will have a support system efficient and good enough to make up for those mistakes. I myself have encountered numerous staff members who have not been able to do a thing or just spammed me with an automatically generated answer. The waiting time to get your ticket solved is crucial and any more than a few days should not be accepted.



When gambling, besides different sorts of bonuses, the odds are the holy grail. Nothing is more important the probability of winning compared to the amount won. Some sites have high fees and therefore giving you very poor odds of succeeding in increasing the value of your deposits. Always chose a platform with the best price to win ratio. What I mean by that is that a box with 90 percent chance of winning is not necessarily better than a case with only 10 percent.

Unfortunately, unboxing services often have very bad winning rates compared to other games like jackpot, roulette etc. which is a little sad. It is very important to check the odds for each drop before opening a crate, some platforms do not want to show the chances and that is undeniably not to help the users.



Remember, that there are other people gambling as well! Why not use other people’s hard gained experience to your own benefit? It is always a good idea to make a little googling before entering the various services. Online forums and posts have a very limited to no filter and people will tell you their truthful rating. No one is being paid to talk nice about the firms so people tend to talk loud if there is something they find unfair.

There is often an online counter on the sites and if there are 1000 people online and playing it does undeniably give an indication of the quality. Same goes for less than 100 people or a very inactive chat. It has been seen before that the companies behind use bots to fake the number of online users. Simply messaging “Anyone online” in the chat can be a great way to determine if it really is true with 1000 online players or not.



When choosing which platform to use, reputation is an important thing to pick the right one. Just by making a few pieces of research yourself you can often grab some valuable information and why risk your own money on some sketchy looking service if people have already claimed to be scammed by the owners?

The owner themselves care a lot about their reputation and it is obviously a very big thing for them since a bad reputation means fewer players. When checking a service’s reputation it is important to find online forum and blogs instead of sponsored channels etc. since they are paid by the platforms themselves. Don’t forget to read the reviews that we have prepared for you on this website.



Bonuses are very important and one of the only few things that are actually for the players and not the house. When opening cases odds of profiting will always be alpha and omega but specific bonuses might make up for other flaws and some sites offer rewards that are really generous. These bonuses often count daily faucets that increases by the amount of money you open up crates for, extra cash or free cases for unboxing a specific amount.

Referral programs are also one of the more beneficial ways to earn a few bucks. Most people will not earn a fortune by these programs but if you are a well-known guy online or have a big network within the right community chances are you might be making the big money. Big YouTubers like m0E and Dazed have reported making multiple thousand dollars a day just by their affiliate taxes.



When trying to find the best possible CS:GO case opening site that will give you the most enjoyable time there are many factors that should be thought about. Since unboxing is gambling just like any other service the odds should always be highly prioritized and so should the bonuses. It really depends on what your goal with skin gambling is. Do you want to have fun or are you trying your best to actually make a decent profit?

Reputations, user feedback, and design are the most critical things to look out for if you are here to have fun, the odds might not be the best but if you are okay paying for the thrive to win who cares. For those of you who do it to genuine try and win your dream skin, the probability is the most important thing. I would not recommend you to visit sites where the drop rates are not shown or those where the house fee is so high that it is impossible to overcome.

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