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CS:GO Skin Upgrade Sites – How Do They Work and How to Choose?

We know that skins and anything related to it in Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a big deal. And as ridiculous as it can sound, a lot of people actually make a living out of the weapons trading system. If you’re into the subject, chances are you understand why. If not, it’s as simple as getting that, in fact, these finishes have real-life value in those sweet Benjamin green papers (mostly, for you can price them in euros, yens and other currencies, too). So you can expect that a good amount of players think of this as serious business, just like tournaments.

Let’s give a very, very brief explanation of what the deal with skins and trading is, for those who are just arriving to the party and are clueless about all of this mess. With the Arms Deal Update released for CS:GO, weapon items became a thing so big, it even played an important part in the actual success of this installment, because the community was given the possibility of acquiring guns and knives paintings drawn by the official Valve Team, or by the users themselves, with a real-life profit included for those whose skins were accepted and added to a specific collection. With that in mind, the more desirable a design was, the higher its price would be, and the juicier the profit becomes when sold.

A specific mechanic of this system has to do with CS:GO skins upgrades – the ability to trade a weapon finish or a group of them, for one of higher rank and, of course, higher value – but the catch here is, in order to upgrade through the Trade Up Contract (the official base grade tool of the game), you’ll need at least 10 skins of the same weapon grade in order to get a new weapon of the next high quality grade, but chosen randomly. In other words, if you have 10 light blue gun finish of different collections, you can trade them to have one skin of the next grade, in this case, darker blue.

Additionally, your odds of getting a decent drop either by playing or by opening a crate are pretty much low, becoming even lower if you’re aiming for a covert painting or even a knife. This means you’ll have to invest a lot of time (and money, if you’re going to buy the key for those cases) before you can actually lay your hands on a worthy weapon. And that sucks a lot.

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CS:GO skin upgrade sites – how they work

Enter the item boosting services – third party websites where you have a chance to upgrade one of your shitty skins for a wide variety of better priced designs just by “leaving luck to heaven”, or more accurately, to “provably fair” – They come as an alternative to just go playing, buying, opening, frustrating, and repeating this cycle. Here, you can take your stupid dark blue skin, throw it over the upgrading box and by tweaking the “multipliers” buttons available, select a better, possible finish and, if heaven smiles upon thee, win the bet and withdraw your reward.

All you have to do is linking your Steam OpenID to the skin upgrade site you’re going to use, select the item you want to bet, use one of the multipliers to choose a better outcome at the cost of probabilities, and hit the “upgrade” button (or whatever the bet execution button is named). The site will do its math to simulate the luck factor and throw one of two possible results: either you acquire the weapon you’re looking for, or lose that you just wagered.

Sounds good, right? WHOA!!! Hold it right there, my enthusiastic new gambler. You might want to read what’s next. If you have basic notions of how betting works, you can expect to consider a few things before deciding to lose your 50 bucks worth of 15 skins.

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Tips to consider before choosing a skin upgrade site

First off, you need to be careful with what you’re wagering for. As mainstream and “meh” as it can be, this is a serious warning for those who can’t afford to lose any of their goods, and it’s likely you actually burn some of them in the first couple of rounds. Unless your box of f*cks to give is empty, in that case, please go ahead.

Second, you should always read the Terms & Conditions contained in these websites, for they give you an insight of how their “provably fair” works. Real quick, the provably fair is an algorithm used to determine and verify the fairness of a played round. Keep in mind that the house will never lose, because if so, there won’t be any gambling site. Check the odds of winning by using any of the multipliers to have a clue of your possibilities in getting that Karambit knife you’ve longed for. Some of the options out there have a bigger house edge in comparison, so you may like to try those where there are more chances to win.

And third, only trust in those services with generally positive reputation. And I say generally because there’ll be always a Bad Luck Bryan rambling throughout the Internet, talking crap about what could be one of the most honest gambling sites for CS:GO. Pay attention to other gamblers and users’ experiences, read and compare reviews you can find in webpages like, of course, the one you’re watching right now ;). Watch some YouTube videos on the subject and, only when you feel confident enough to give it a try, go with an item you can afford losing.

If you need a quick reference, check out the many reviews csgolegit.ninja has to offer related to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling websites. Not to brag but, we know our deal when talking about this matter #HumbleBrag.

And that’s it! If you’re tired of spending a month trying to get more profitable gun finishes, while watching others getting some extra bucks real quick, then you should press your luck in those webpages. Just keep in mind these tips we’re giving you, and may the provably fair be with you. See you next article!

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