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CS:GO Skin Roulette: How to Choose the Best One?

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Hello eSports and CS:GO fans! In today’s article, we are going to discuss a market that keeps growing within the community: the skin betting and gambling sites – with a focus on the roulette type of games.

You have probably spotted a few of these platforms on other player’s IDs in game – there are literally dozens, maybe hundreds of services offering this gaming experience to the players, and they advertise on users’ nicknames for a little extra exposure, while granting the one bearing the ad on the name a small bonus on the odds or number of spins.

If there are that many places to gamble around, how can I choose the one that suits me best? Or the one with the perfect perks and features? What would make the ideal best CS:GO roulette model? Keep reading and you’ll hopefully get to a conclusion for these questions!

How does the roulette game work?

In this section, I’m going to explain without going too deep into analysis how the Roulette game works and the basic rules, for users who aren’t experienced in the game yet. If that’s not your case, you might still pick up a new thing or two, so let’s proceed!

The roulette game was invented back in the 17th century and became very popular because of its simplicity and for being a true gambling game – a beginner and an experienced player have the same odds of winning the round, there is no advantage to be had by the superior skilled guy, it’s all down to luck.

For the majority of CS GO betting and gambling sites, here’s how it works: The table is numbered from 0 to 100, with an odd number having a color and even numbers a different color. You place your bet on a number/color, and if the spin stops on your color, you win double the amount you wagered – if it’s the wrong color, you lose the quantity you bet.

There is also usually a 3rd color, that represents 1 number only (most of the time the 50) – if the spin lands on that number, people who bet on it win 20x the amount they put up, and everyone who bet on the two main colors loses. This allows the house to have an edge on the game, while the players can still gamble with close to even odds.

This is the simplest form of CS:GO roulette, and the one which usually attract the biggest number of users from the market, but there are also some platforms that offer an experience more similar to one you’d get by playing roulette in a real casino: different wheel options, ranging from 2x to 35x, betting on a section of numbers and a whole array of other gambling possibilities.

In some pages, you gamble with the skins you deposited and you win items back based on their price on Steam market. For others, once you deposit you get a certain number of coins (again based on the price of the skin) and you use those to wager – and you also win coins if you win the bet. If you want to cash out, you can use the coins to buy items and an automated system within the page will deliver them to the steam profile you registered your account with.

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About the security

The most important factor to consider when deciding which CS:GO roulette site to deposit your skins to bet with is security. You have to be very careful with your items because there are plenty of phishers and scammers on the prowl trying to steal them from you.

The first thing you must do is check if the domain seems fishy and shady – if it does, it probably is! I would avoid pages with a lot of broken English or pages where you can blatantly spot the use of google translate – this is just a gut feeling of mine, in my opinion, if the site was decent and professional enough they could’ve hired a fluent English speaking person to help out, since the majority of the users are going to use the platform in English.

After this first step, I recommend that you do a bit of googling – where is the domain registered? Is it a legit business or just something released for a quick cash grab who will later disappear with your credits? When it comes to online betting, better be safe than sorry, especially considering the scene is flooded with teenagers (and if you’re 18 you shouldn’t be betting, even if it’s just skins! It’s illegal in most countries), who have little or no experience facing phishing attempts and scamming tactics. This means that there are even more people that you’d normally expect trying various types of shenanigans to get ahold of some ‘easy skins’ – I know, the world is full of dishonest badasses, unfortunately.

For the last step, you might want to do some research about the general feeling of the community about the roulette site. Check the biggest and largest online gambling forums, google for reviews and read up on the users’ experience. A few things to look out for:

Did the person have any trouble withdrawing their funds once they stopped playing? If they did, this is a huge red flag – what’s the point in playing if you’re either going to lose or have your funds frozen? You kinda lose either way, right?

How would the users rate the service? And why would they recommend it above one of the other similar ones?

Are there many complaints about anything at all regarding the page? If so, it might be best to continue looking for a better place to deposit your hard earned CS GO skins.

skins betting roulette csgo

Key features you should look out for

Since there are so many options on the market, as a customer you have the ability to choose the best one among them. Some people even diversify their skins and bet on many different good sites (I’ll explain later why). We’ll list some key features you probably want if you’re going to gamble with your cosmetic items.

Free sign up bonus

This is a pretty straightforward one to start things off. Most platforms already offer their users some kind of bonus to incentivize players to sign up and play. It’s also most of the times a very small amount, but it could add up when you’re playing with your skins on multiple domains. This offer usually comes as a number of coins or credits that you can then spend on the site to bet on the roulette game.

Deposit bonus

After you’ve already signed up, some services offer deposit bonus so you can gain more value out of your first (or more) deposits. It’s the same principle as with regular sports betting business – you deposit a skin worth $10 and get credited $20 to your account, for example. The offers vary widely from service to service, so it’s also something you have to consider when picking one to gamble.

Different wheel options

This is usually recommended to more experienced players, but if you’re not one and still just want to gamble some items, this could also be a good perk to have on the platform you choose. It consists of having different types of bets, with wheel options ranging from 2x to 35 or even 50x in some cases.

In built chat

Gambling in a solitary environment isn’t the same fun as when you’re interacting with other people – even if the wagering is done online. A varied number of platforms on the market have a real time chat that you can hang around while placing your wagers. It’s usually a fun and exciting chat, so even if you don’t really participate actively, you can still have fun just by reading what’s going on there. Lots of people announce their bets and keep count on streaks, and there’s even a tipping system in place for some

Active community

Another factor you can look for is an active community, in the form of a forum inside their own site or a subsection somewhere else. An engaged community can really help the game grow and be successful, resulting in more promotions and bonuses.

Provably fair odds

If you value your skins, this should be one of your top priorities when doing your research: There have been a lot of sites in the past that cheated on users by having predictable and adjustable algorithms, which meant regular players always lost in the mid to long term while gambling on the service. While doing this, the sites also sponsored players and manipulated the bets so the guys would win and post the highlights on their youtube/twitch channels, driving more customers to the page to lose their money.



After following these easy steps, you can now get into the CS:GO skin roulette market! Be wary of offers that sound too good to be true – most of the time they’re fake. We also recommend adding 2-factor authentication to your steam account, to make sure you’re extra safe against all kinds of scammers and phishers before venturing in the gambling world! We hope you had a good read and were able to learn a thing or two with this article – see you on the next one!

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