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Best Legit CSGO Trading Websites to Buy or Sell Skins

Finding the right CS:GO website to trade skins isn’t always easy. Just like how betting platforms work, there’s always a risk and things you have to look out for. You need to be able to deduce which services are legit and which ones are fakes that have one goal in mind which is to scam people. The legitimacy aside you also need to pay attention to what kind of features the platform offers and which features will be most useful to you. But how does one figure out all of that? How can we choose the right service for the job? In this article we will help you find out the best CSGO trading website and what to look out for.


Of course, the first and most obvious question we need to always ask ourselves is how legit the platform is. How do we figure that out? Well, it’s really not that difficult. First, we just need to take the URLs and then Google them. Nowadays a lot of people write reviews and opinion pieces on a lot of CS:GO services whether it’s a trading or betting website. You can easily Google a domain name and see what people are saying about it. But don’t just look at a few comments and assume that they are right! Make sure you do your research properly and you look at reviews from all sorts of places whether it’s the steam forums or YouTube videos. Don’t forget to check out our csgolegit.ninja reviews as well!

But what happens if the place you’re trying to look up on Google doesn’t really have any reviews? That usually means that the website is new or that it’s not of the highest quality and people just don’t use it. However, it’s also possible that it just has a hard time being noticed but it’s actually good for the people that do use it. There’s no real way to tell if one service is a hidden gem that you should use. The only way to tell is to just take a risk and use it. While this is a highly risky method, it can also be rewarding if the platform in question turns out to be really cool.


Useful Features

The next important question is which features are needed in the right CS:GO trading website. Right off the bat I personally think that one of the most critical features is any sort of tool that lets you compare items to each other. This is very important in order to figure out items’ worth and how to trade with them effectively. In order to find the best trading strategies, this element will be a necessity and it’s pretty much a no-brainer to have it integrated.

The next feature that’s rather essential is a price list that will show how much any skin is worth in the currency of your choosing. While the first thing that I mentioned above is important to judge an item’s value compared to another item, this particular component is great in the sense of judging how much the raw value of an item is without comparing it to another one.

The third and final mandatory feature would be a floating chart which basically displays how big the wear on a skin is. The higher the float value is the more worn out the skin would be. A very useful thing to make sure you don’t trade a good and less worn out item for one that may seem good on paper but in reality looks uglier than you thought it would just because it is worn out.



This part is similar to the previous one as it involves features. But while the previous ones are more so mandatory to make the experience a positive one, these elements are more so extras to make sure the experience isn’t just a positive one but a great one. To give a few examples, I looked up some useful websites on the topic at hand and found some useful features that aren’t really necessary but are cool nonetheless and make CSGO trading much more fun.

The first one is the ability to see how much keys your skin is worth. The reason why this is cool is that keys are often used as a currency and it also gives you a more precise idea of exactly how valuable your item is. And as I already mentioned a few times knowing the exact value is very important when it comes to trading.

Another rather unique factor is the ability to tell approximately how fast a skin would get worn out. Keep in mind though that while this feature is really cool and unique, it’s not exactly accurate because it’s very hard to tell how fast or slow an item will get worn down. An approximation is possible but it’s not an exact amount of time.


Users and popularity

These two things may not seem important but trust me, they are! First of all, you have to keep in mind that on any platform it’s good to get to know the community because you’re going to be dealing with these people and in any business, it’s always good to know someone at least a little bit before you become involved with them in any way. With that in mind, you have to do your research on what kind of people are using the service.

Do they seem shady? Does it seem like they’re only using the website to pull off scams and fishy trades? Always do your research on the people you’re going to be bartering with.

You should also look at how popular a website is. The more popular it is, the higher the chance that it’s good to use and trustworthy. Popularity isn’t everything and as I already mentioned there can be hidden gems in-between these platforms that despite not being popular are actually good ones to use. But nonetheless, popularity is a good indicator that can guide you in the right direction.

Visual appeal

Okay okay, I will admit this one may be just a little stupid. Just a little! But when you think about it, it can be a minor factor in choosing the right CS:GO trading website for you. Just think about it for a moment. You’re going to be visiting this page every day if you plan on using it regularly. And since you’ll be using it every day unless it’s really good and the strong points of it bypass anything that may seem like a negative, you should at least want it to be visually pleasing to look at.

To give you an example, imagine if you have to go to work at an office all day and you hate your job. Every single time you go to work, the moment you take one look at that office you’re going to feel sick because it’s the same scene you see everyday. A website is different of course but for some people, it may be a good thing to look at design because since you’ll be looking at it every day, you don’t want to get annoyed just by the sight of it.



To wrap things up, if you just make sure you do proper research on a service and you also make sure it has what you want, you’re going to find the one you’re looking for. It’s not easy and it takes some time to do it. However, make sure you always doubt everything and you always double-check things. You never want to have full trust in a platform until you’ve actually used it and you’re sure that it’s trustworthy. And after you’ve determined it’s trustworthy you just have to make sure it has the important features that are needed and the community is nice. The rest is just extras that are nice but you won’t really need them. As long as you follow these steps, you’ll find the best CS:GO trading website for you!

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