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Best CS:GO Jackpot Websites – How to Choose?

Jackpot or Lottery has been one of the main betting platforms that are being played by many CS:GO gamblers. The game is exciting on so many levels. It requires skill and a little bit of luck to play and if done correctly, it can yield you a very good return on investment. There are a lot of factors involved when you are trying to win and we are always looking for the perfect CS:GO Jackpot website, and today I will give you a clue how to choose the best service.


This is the first thing we look at when looking for a place to deposit and gamble. From the get go, if a site is designed with visually striking shapes and color pallets, we tend to gravitate towards playing there. In this case, the facade should offer lots of muted colors in the background and also light colors so that we protect our vision and continue to play lots of hours in the row.



Next thing we are looking at is the functionality of the game itself. Does it run well? We should always look for a service that runs properly. Since it involves an interface most commonly found in a case opening platform, the side scrolling action of the wheel should run smooth and not have a laggy interface where it skips some frames.



This is one of the most important aspects that you should always look for when choosing CS:GO Jackpot. It should offer fair odds whenever you bet since the game relies on the odds system. When you place a specific amount of money, you should have a percentage to win that round depending on how many players are in the pot. The more you bet, the higher your percentage should be.


Provability Fair System

This is also another factor that is very important. You are supposed to be able to verify how the round winner is chosen. Most respectable sites have this system that determines the winner of every Lottery round, and you are also able to check the code of this system just to make sure that they choose the winner randomly and not rigged.



Even with good features mentioned above, a reputation of the Jackpot website is the most important aspect that we want to look for if we start betting on Lottery games. Reputation affects many factors regarding how it works. Places with no reputation hardly attract players to gamble there and thus will also affect your chances of winning. I will be discussing the side effects of places with no reputation or bad reputation, and how it will affect your overall profit.


User Count

A number of players inside a Jackpot round is somewhat important if you are trying to gamble for long term profit. The game works by out betting other players for better odds so that you win all their skins. Sites with small user counts usually have established whales in there and it is very hard to go against them in a wagering round. Usually, they do not attract new users thus lowering your chances in winning comfortably.



This is how they make their money mostly if the site is legitimate. Always look for one that offers a fair commission rate since they will take a chunk out of every round. The fair floating rate is 5-10% but 15% is still acceptable, although it is somewhat high. Stay away from places that do not offer these types of commission rates as you will end up losing more than what you gain if you win a round.



The best Jackpot site to look for when starting to play for profit is a business that offers multiple deposit methods. Most of the services offer this thru Skin and Real Money deposits. If you are going to be depositing skins, you must look for a place that offers a fair price for the items you are going to use as an investment. Always look for the platforms that match or offer a price that is close to the market value, that way you have a bang for your buck.

If you are looking to start playing by using real money, look for a place that offers a legitimate third party dealer like G2A or places that accept major credit cards. This is to protect you if that place turns out to be a scam since you can always call your bank and have them reverse the transactions for the credit card to get your money back since you have not received your goods. Always stay away from services that only accept transfers like Western Union as this tends to be shady. Once you send out the funds, there is no way for you to get it back as they can withdraw it on their end and not even bat an eyelash when you call them on their scam.



This is directly affected by reputation. If the reputation of the business is very low or very bad, always stay away from it since you will NEVER be able to withdraw your items or cash that you deposited. In other cases, some legitimate ones usually have a deposit threshold before you are able to make a withdrawal. The good ones offer a one-time threshold of somewhere around $2-3 before you are able to take out items. If they want you to make a weekly deposit so that you can take out stuff, stay away from it since those are some of the shady types that will usually rake in money and keep adding conditions so that you can never withdraw anything.


Customer Service

The good CS:GO Jackpot sites offer excellent customer service. They are the ones that have multiple platforms where you can contact them like social media accounts and chat supports. Checking their social media accounts and seeing if they reply to people in the threads is always a good sign if the company is good or not. Another tell-tale sign that they are good is if they do constant updates in their social media accounts.



All of us love freebies of course. There is a multitude of services that offer a wide array of freebies. Some are direct, some are raffling them out, and some can be earned. Examples of direct freebies are promo codes where you can get free cash to start gambling and they will usually give these out to newbies as a starter to entice them to deposit.

Another example is the Weekly Raffles where they give out expensive skins or expensive boxes where you can get more expensive gear. This is done by following their social media accounts and hope for the best that you win the giveaway.

Earned freebies come by way of their referral programs. Some programs offer a percentage of cash from your recruits, and some programs offer item exchanges for a number of referrals you send to their site. If you have an active stream or YouTube channel, this is the way to go to get some extra cash and also bolster your profit.

Another bonus feature is a sponsorship. If you are either a professional streamer or a professional player, there are companies that will offer you sponsorship either by way of monetary support or gear support to help you enhance your game. This is also another way you can make more profit if you meet these traits.


These are the things that you need to check out if you are looking for a perfect place to start betting in CS:GO Jackpot / Lottery. There are a lot of sites out there that has most if not all of these traits. It is up to you to find it and start getting rich by gambling here. Do not forget to do a little bit of research first before committing to putting in large amounts of money and always remember to have fun when playing.

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