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Best 5 Ways to Get a CS:GO Knife!

Greetings eSports fans! As you probably know, CS GO’s cosmetic skin market is a big deal – There are numerous very expensive and rare items. The skins are very well thought out and executed, making it so that virtually all the players want to possess the coolest ones – but since they’re so expensive right now (and expected to become even more expensive as the player base and demand grows), the majority of gamers can’t straight up buy them with cash.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss and analyze the different approaches one may have in order to get a CS:GO knife. There are many different paths you can choose to follow, and we’ll try to cover the most common ways and the ones with the highest chance of achieving success.

If you really want to obtain a CS GO knife, keep in mind that the process can take some time to work (since the skins are usually so expensive), and requires some effort on your part. If it was easy, everyone would already have one, isn’t that right? Since there are so many different ways to get started, and all of them can work, we’re not going to objectively rank each method – but we’ll judge them based on the following factors:

  • Chance of success
  • Amount of money you have to invest
  • The time it might take for it to work
  • The luck factor

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#1 Method: Giveaways

Since there is a huge demand in the market for knife skins (and people know it), item giveaways attract a huge crowd of CS players. The ones who usually offer the giveaways are Twitter personalities, Youtubers and streamers – this is because they get a huge return in terms of exposure and reaching new potential audiences in return for giving away a cosmetic item.

If you want to pursue this method, you have to stay tuned for everything that is going on in the scene – you can’t miss out on any giveaways. Create a twitter (if you don’t have one already) and follow the most famous and popular personalities, create a account and do the same and keep a tab on new Youtube promotion videos.

Since this is a free approach, expect an insane amount of people to sign up and participate, up to the point where your odds of winning are very minimal. But someone has to win! And that someone could be you.

Judging the factors:

  • Chance of success: Very low (too many people sign up for the giveaways)
  • Amount of money you have to invest: Zero
  • The time it might take for it to work: Very long. You might have to participate in hundreds of giveaways before winning.
  • The luck factor: Very high. The giveaways depend solely on your luck.

csgo match betting guide

#2 Method: Esports Betting

This approach is also taken by many people pursuing their first CS:GO knife. This is a pretty straightforward method but requires much more skill and effort from you.

Basically, it consists on depositing some skins you own into a betting site and wagering those items in professional matches. You can start trying your hand at this with any skin, just keep in mind that the higher the value you start betting with, the less you need to win to make enough to buy a knife (but you also risk losing more in case it fails).

For this one to work, you need to put some time into studying and analyzing the teams and their upcoming matches, so you can achieve the best winrate possible with your wages (meaning more gains and less risk for your initial investment).

  • Chance of success: Medium. Depends a lot on how well you can do your analysis and wagers.
  • Amount of money you have to invest: Low to high. As I stated above, you can choose your initial investment, but higher amounts will need to win fewer bets to achieve the required money for a knife.
  • The time it might take for it to work: Short to long. Betting can increase your value very quickly and you might be able to buy the desired item within the timeframe of a single tournament. But you also may find some obstacles on your way and it could take a while longer.
  • The luck factor: Very low. Surprise outcomes can happen in professional matches, but in the long run, if you’re doing the right analysis you’ll come out on top.

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#3 Method: Gambling

We have already talked a bit about this subject in a previous article. For gambling CS skins, first and foremost you should find a good and trustworthy site, with provably fair games. Then you can deposit the value you want as your initial investment and try your hand at spinning it up to a knife.

For this method, I’d recommend not wagering the total amount you deposited in a single round. Divide your investment into 10 equal parts (or even more, if you want) and wager with those smaller parts. This way, you don’t risk losing everything at once and having to start from scratch again.

Before choosing this path, keep in mind it is a very risky one, maybe even the riskiest one out there.

  • Chance of success: Medium
  • Amount of money you have to invest: Low to High. As with betting, depends on how much value you want to start with. You have bigger chances starting with more, obviously.
  • The time it might take for it to work: Very short. You can wager multiple times over the span of a minute. This means you can do very well and get your CSGO knife very quickly (and sometimes earn even more than only one!) or lose your initial investment in a matter of minutes.
  • The luck factor: Very High. As with giveaways, your outcome on this path is based exclusively on luck – in this case, on the coinflips.

cs go case unboxing skins site

#4 Method: Opening crates

This one is the most traditional method available. Valve releases new cases several times a year, each of them with new and shiny cosmetic items. All of the crates have very rare drops, and these are usually knives.

To open a box, you only have to get it as a drop (they’re fairly common) or buy it on the market for a few cents. Afterwards, you just buy that crate’s key from the Valve store and use it to open. The rewards vary between very common weapons (worth almost nothing) to very rare items (worth several hundred dollars).

This approach is similar to the last one, gambling. This is because your outcome depends exclusively on luck, and you may hit a good result and profit a bunch – or get a very common drop and basically lose all your money invested.

Since knives are usually very rare (therefore expensive on the market), for this approach to work you need to buy a huge amount of keys (they’re usually 2-3 USD each) or get lucky early on with your opened crates.

  • Chance of success: Very high. As long as you spend enough, eventually you’ll get a knife.
  • Amount of money you have to invest: Very high. Odds are that you’re better off buying it straight from the market, but you might get lucky and get a good drop early on.
  • The time it might take for it to work: Very short. You can buy and open crates anytime you want – and however many you desire.
  • The luck factor: Very high. It’s all based on luck for this approach – no skill or effort whatsoever.

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#5 Method: Trading

For our last tip of the article, we chose Trading. It consists of buying a much cheaper cosmetic item (say around $10) and plays the market, selling and buying other items for a profit, up to the point where you can afford a knife.

This approach works because the CS GO market is very volatile, and you can see big differences in prices in very short time spans. Most people who try this path to obtain a knife do their trades on Steam’s official market, but you can also try trading directly to other players to avoid their market fee’s – meaning you get a higher margin of profit out of each trade.

  • Chance of success: High. Keep at it long enough (and without making any big blunders) and you’ll get there.
  • Amount of money you have to invest: Small. You can buy a cheap item (or more) to start things off, or even do it with ones you already own.
  • The time it might take for it to work: Long. Trading takes time and patience from the user – you need to find good opportunities and not force anything.
  • The luck factor: Small. This is a path that requires patience and skill from the player but doesn’t rely much on luck.



There are other ways to go if you want to get your first CS:GO knife, but this article covers the most prominent ones. We wish you luck and success on your way to acquiring that much desired skin! See you in the next article!

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